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BrainAnt is an interactive games platform that is dedicated to delivering challenging brain games that is suitable for all ages. Just like your body needs to stay in shape with constant exercise and the correct nutrition, so does your brain need to be kept stimulated.Here at BrainAnt we have a wide variety of Brain games that will keep your brain sharp and challenged to better improve its brain functionality.

Don’t worry, this is not like homework. This site is designed for your enjoyment,so that you don’t feel like you are working when playing challenging games for your brain.
Here our games are simple yet very effective and fun for training your brain.We have Math Games, Memory Games, Logic Games, Brain Teasers and so much more.

“Mathematics is like checkers in being suitable for the young, not too difficult, amusing, and without peril to the state” Plato.

It is a well known fact that mathematics is a very important subject to know. It stimulates the brain and improves your brain’s mental abilities.It is a tool that aids people to form solutions to daily problems that they face. Regardless the level of math, basic math games help stimulate the brain to think in a better and more productive way.

Play some of our math games online for free and give your brain a boost.

Memory games can also play a big role in helping your brain become more effective.Memory games help in memory improvement and retainment.By playing the games we have selected for you, you will be giving your brain a lesson on how to retain more information. BrainAnt has selected a few memory games for your enjoyment, games such as; Pattern Memory Brain Games, Color Match Brain Games and other similar brain memory games.

These categories and all the rest that can be found on the site are enjoyable and useful at the same time. Brain games can help you test and sharpen your memory, test your brain’s concentration level and give you important tools on how to deal with things on a daily basis.

Don’t wait any longer, start giving your brain the nutrition it needs to stay sharp!