“Logic is the Beginning of Wisdom, Not the End” Star Trek

We’d like to think that we are all logical beings and that our logical progression remains impeccable. On the contrary, horse sense and logic are anything but common. We are all born with logic, but it is like a sword that tends to get blunt with time and needs constant sharpening. Logic skills are integral to problem solving, creative thinking and staying sharp.

Brainant is home to a series of logic games that are fun, intuitive and skillful. And what’s best, they are designed for all ages. Improve your child’s logic skills as well as your own with these fun and easy to use logic games. How quickly can you guide the hungry monkey to the banana it so deserves? Or keep your dairy farm efficient by getting the cow to the milk bottle by building the quickest path for it? Can you manage get the least numbers of pegs on board at the end of peg solitaire? Or recreate an intricate picture in Nonogram? The call of logic beckons, so get logical now!