Memory GAMES


Train Your Brain to Remember More!

Can you recall ten phone numbers without looking it up your phone book? Or remember to mail a card for your cousin’s birthday? Let’s make it even simpler. Can you recall the color of your best friend’s eye or the color of the shirt you wore two days ago? It all boils down to the power of memory and observation, which in this fast paced, increasingly dynamic and automated world, seems to be falling short of our own expectations.

Brainant seeks to change all that. Memory needs constant jogging, and memory games, succeed in doing this beautifully. Simple, addictive and accurate, these pattern matching and color games are designed to enhance recognition and memory skills in players of all ages. These memory games with their vivid hues improve mnemonics and overall recall value, eventually getting you to the point where you develop lightning quick memory reflexes.

Looking to improve your memory skill? Then try Retroception and make an informed guess as to targets’ whereabouts after they disappear. Dive into pattern memory and pick out patterns exactly as they appeared a second before. Color match and Memory 3 give you visual clues that boost memory. So, play on!