99 Bricks

The ‘99 bricks’ is a game that challenges the player to make the hugest brick tower. You use the left and the right arrow to shift the bricks that are falling back and also forth. You use the ‘up’ key to rotate the block while the ‘down’ key to drop the brick. You can use ‘Z’ to be able to zoom out and see the whole tower. The letters ‘C’ can be used to throw out any of the bricks that you feel you do not need. The game is unique in that if you do not place the blocks properly, they can tip and even tilt like any real tower that is two dimensions. Therefore there is need for you to ensure that you plan ahead ensuring that the blocks are sound structurally. Otherwise you don’t just have to fit the bricks into holes.

Whenever a brick that is falling touches your tower, it becomes out of control, the side that has been touched not withstanding. This happens even when if the block had already passed more than ten bricks. The good thing is that you can be able to ‘nudge’ the brick once you ensure there is proper placement and also timing from your bricks that are current. However the suitability of this strategy depends on you.

The ‘99 bricks’ is more like the Tetris but it brings out a more stark realism. There is no more room for a brick that is floating like it is the case in the older versions of Tetris. Instead what you have can be termed as a tower buster. When you set the limit of the ninety nine bricks, you close the game. This is because that’s the way it is set instead of you playing the game of ‘99 bricks’ for eternity