Alien Munchtime

This is a simple game which can be played by children. It tests the multiplication ability of an individual. It starts with 12 families where the player is required to select one family to help with the lunch. The kind of lunch here is helping the kids by answering their multiplication problem. The calculations in family one are simple and easy. The calculation problem ups with as the families are ranked in ascending order.

This is how it works. You are asked a question which you are supposed to give an answer in a tray. You give an answer by calculating on the math given and choosing an answer from the choices given. It’s a kind of an exam thing where by you are supposed to do the test and chose. Incorrect answer doesn’t throw you out of the game. You’re shown that is a wrong answer by an x and gives up the chance to correct yourself and move on. This type of game is ideal for young kids who are experimenting with numbers. It tests the players’ ability to calculate simple math and give an accurate.

The choice of the level will depend on players’ level to handle calculations. Depending on the capability of the player or rather the level of education the player is, you chose from the levels given. It tests sharpness and persistency. It’s a kind of a game which one cant give up on, since it gives numerous chances to rectify. You don’t have to start with family one, pass and go to family two and so forth. You only have to choose from the level which you feel you can handle or, which can put you into test and enhance your mathematical skills