Blosics is a game that is based on physics. The goal in the game is to destroy the blocks. In order to be able to advance to the next level, you should ensure that you reach at least a hundred points. The game has ten levels in which you can play and there are a lot of blocks to throw. The game is neither so easy nor so challenging. I can therefore be a fun game to play during your coffee break.

You play the game by pressing pull and then releasing. If you hold for a longer period, the ball becomes bigger. The intention being to ensure that you throw the blocks from the stage. In order for you to be able to cancel the shots you should ensure that you hit the spacebar. You should also bear in mind that for every second that you charge the ball, it usually cost you a point. Points are gained for the green blocks while they are lost for the red blocks. It is possible for you to restart the level that you are currently in. However this will cost you some points.

There are three platforms in the game. There is the stone, ice and also the rubber platforms. Each and every one of them acts differently. You should ensure that you experiment with each one of them to find out the reason. While playing on the laptop, you might find yourself tipping your screen to one side. This won’t give you points even after knocking the blocks from the screen. In their review of the game, most of the players have complained of the high score. Some says this makes their browser to crash. However most agree that it is a good game that is also highly addictive and they say they wish it was longer.