The goal in the game of Bloxorz is quite simple as compared to other online games. You are supposed to have the block fall in the square hole. However it can be quite difficult to accomplish the goal and progress to the other level. This is especially in the latter stages of the game. The total number of levels in the game to be accomplished is thirty three and each level is a bit more difficult than the last one. The game requires a lot of patience to complete and a plan that is solid. It also requires a lot of thinking. This makes the game to be perfect especially for children. It really works well in helping the children to identify a problem and come up with a solution. This ensures that they develop these skills while at the same time they are entertained. This gives them an advantage in life and also in school.

If you get frustrated or even try rushing in a certain stage, it won’t help in this game if you intend to win. There are stages in the game that you will try and struggle with. When you find yourself getting frustrated in the game it is important that you step back from it and start after you feel a bit calmer. The game uses the arrow keys for controlling the blocks into the hole. You should be careful to ensure that your blocks do not fall off the edge. Incase they fall off the edge; you will be required to begin all over again.


You should move to the left while using the left arrowkey. When moving to the right, you use the right arrowkey. You move upside while using the up arrow key. You move downward using the down arrowkey. You can select your block of choice by pressing on the “space”.