Bongo Balls

The objective in the arcade game is to ensure that you control the bubble canon that is placed in the middle of the screen. You fire the bubble ball towards the other balls that are of the same color to ensure that they form a group of three or more. You will only be able to move to the next level after you have managed to clear all the balls that are on the screen. You should ensure that you are first enough to prevent the ball from reaching the whole or else you will end up losing the game. You will use the mouse cursor to aim the balls and you should click on the left mouse button to be able to fire. It is important for you to avoid panicking. There are times where you will fire the ball in areas where there are no balls with the same color to match. You should ensure that you make as many matches as you can. You should work on eliminating the balls that are leading first.

To avoid losing you should know how to defend. What should be of note is that paddle always appear on the left side of the screen whether you are playing alone or against another person. However you can make a choice on the side of the screen that you would like to defend. If you would like to have the paddle on the right side of the screen you should enter set up and then set ‘defend’ to the right side. Also it should be of note that the speed of the ball usually varies. Part of this variation occurs randomly. Every time there is a beginning of a new point the Bongo will pick a starting speed at random. It also speeds or slows down depending on the part of the saddle that it strikes.