Brain Breaker

Brain breaker is a puzzle game that can be so addictive. All you need to do in this game is to cross each level of the game. You will have to win the first level before advancing to next. You will be presented with tricky situations in that you will be helping people who have been stuck to get into the ship. In order to ensure you rescue all, you need to think out of the box. You need to cut the ice in which they are stuck without harming them. You need to be extra careful so that they don’t fall and drown in the sea.

This is a real fantastic game that comes with the best graphics. It has been polished to have sleek features that will give you the best playing ground. There are over 30 levels of play in this game. Each level comes with a completely different layout. The tricky situations on each level will need you to apply different thinking levels. You got to keep your mind jogging. With the invigorating platforms, you will have the pleasure of online gaming.

Brain breaker is a game that will get your brain working. The only tool of play will be your mouse. It is the one you will use to cut the slices through the ice to have the whole crew rescued. Armed with a user friendly interface, this game can be played by kids and adults. It is a game that comes with cool graphics and unmatched designs. You will have to employ ideas of physics, weights, and balance to get the characters moving. You can easily download this game to your laptop for easy play. Another great option is playing online. You can enjoy this if your PC device has strong internet connectivity.