Brain Waves

Brain wave is one of the latest mind games that have just hit the market. it is a big seller this holiday. Many people are going to be idle this holiday. If you are one of those who don’t have any plan during the vacation, then you can invest in this game. The playing mode of this game is very simple. It will need you to manipulate the vertical movements of the ball. To effectively do this, you will have to engage your brains. It is a game that can be head cracking at the start but as you gain skills, you will find it easy to play.

The game will test on the intensity of your brainwaves. You need to have full concentration. If you concentrate enough, the ball will be elevated. Once you clear you mind, you will have the ball descend. That is how simple this game is. The concentration is the one that will boost your thinking. Playing this game often will change the way you think. The horizontal movements of the ball are controlled by a knob located on the base of the playing platform.

Each level of play will present a unique challenge that you will have to unlock. There are a number of customized obstacles that you will have to go around. It will take a little practice to master the playing skills of this game. You will have to cope with the increasing speed as you move from one level to another. You need to be able to raise and lower the foam ball. Accuracy and fast response are keys here. The LED indicator will direct on the way to move. This game comes in five different modes. In order to succeed in all, your concentration needs to be high.