Bubble Shooter

While playing the Bubble Shooter, you use the mouse to move your arrow. To have the bubble released, you click. In order to be able to score points you combine three or even more bubbles and this ensures that they disappear and you score points. If you shoot more bubbles, you are able to score more points. You win when you shoot all the bubbles. When the lines left are only a few it is possible for you to shoot away the colors by forming groups of the last balls. When you notice that you do not have the balls of a particular color, it means they won’t be coming back.

It is important for you to know the rules of playing the game. At times there are things that we end up missing and this makes us to lose by a great score. You should bear in mind that there are the silver bubbles at the bottom of the arena. This number shows the tries which you are left with before you can collapse the screen to add another level to what you already have. When the levels are increased, it becomes so difficult to eliminate the bubbles since it covers even the firing space and it becomes extremely difficult to shoot.

In this case there is as difference between your game and others as there is no set number of shots and it occurs randomly. Therefore you end up getting stuck in a level with as low as six shots or even lesser. It happens to be very frustrating especially if you were just about to make a high score and wanted to ensure that you stayed in the game. Therefore there is need for you to ensure that you play strategically. Always ensure that you plan your move in accordance with the game