Bubble Spinner

Anybody who has played this game will agree that it is not only a skillful but it is also an addictive game which you can play for hours. It is a great game for unwinding and a person will rarely notice that time is moving. The game begins with a puzzle which you are supposed to clear before you can be able to continue with the game. Though you aren’t timed, it is important to finish the game as fast as possible so as to be able to get the highest score. When you correctly hit the bubble, you spin the whole puzzle and this makes the next move either easier or more difficult. This depends on the way it spins. When you spend too much time, the spinner brings in more bubbles and unless you shoot them first, the whole puzzle ends up filling the board and this makes you to lose. It is important for you to think about your next move ahead when it comes to the board. You should also take time before aiming and firing. After this you should immediately think of your next move. You should also ensure that you make use of your angles in the same way you would do in a game of pool. When you know the correct angles and also degrees, it becomes a great advantage in the same way it is in a game of pool. The good thing is that you take your time before you can make the next move. Also you should avoid aiming for the edge at all times. You should play the shots at the centre of the spinning wheel as this helps to eliminate the appearance of more bubbles.


You should try to remove the bubbles from the board using your mouse in aiming and shooting.