Car 2 Exit

Among the mind games that are fast gaining popularity in the recent days is car 2 exit. This is a simple yet tricky game that will need you to be fast and smart in the way you make decisions. The game revolves around exiting a parking as fast as you can. You will have to move cars around to get a clear way of exiting. The game may sound simple but gets tricky when the real task of playing commences. To have your car move out, you will have to move the other cars to give you a way to pass.

Your car is normally red while other may have a number of colors. Remember you are not going to move small cars alone. There are large vehicles like trucks that you will have to move to get an exit. The first step is to move the other cars and then yours. This puzzle strategy game will see you make use of your thinking ability. Your main aim is to get ways through which you will move cars around on the parking lot and get your car out. It has playing levels with each becoming tougher as you advance.

Car 2 exit has unmatched quality. It is a game that has the best graphics. If you are looking for a well designed game that will give you the pleasure of online gaming, then this is the one. It has been designed by experts making it a good mind game in the market. It comes with playing games hence can be played by amateurs and experts. There are websites that you can make use of to get best playing tips. If you find it hard to play during your first encounter, you need to be patient and gather information on how to play and win.