Dralien Day

This game takes us through a number of scenes, where each one of them is infested by foes that are dangerous, mechanisms that are puzzling and many other points that will interest you. All the hotspots are highlighted in white circles that are clickable and this draws your attention to anything which you might need to solve the current situation. There are also some mini games which are action packed. These link a number of scenes. They are not only fun to play but they also offer some interesting diversions from the main puzzle. You can skip them if you desire. However this will cause a penalty to the final score.

Though the puzzle is not so challenging, there is a link at the top of the screen page which can take you to a video walkthrough to help you incase you become completely stuck. Though the hotspots are good, they remove the ‘puzzliness’ from the game. The god thing is that you don’t need to scour the screen trying to find what may be of use. Instead it is the circle that invites you to discover the order in which you are supposed to click them in and then you go to the other challenge. This is a good thing as it shows that the game is just being more casual.

The game appears so ‘cartoony’ and the baby Dralien is one of the most beautiful extraterrestrial that you can lay your eyes on. The game also maintains its charm as an unlikely hero is taken through some of the toughest odds. And it becomes difficult to stand the poor guy being separated from the mom. The game offers a true adventure in a rescue operation that can only be termed as precarious. It is definitely an enjoyable game for both adults and kids.