Light It 3

Light IT 3 game is a mind game that will need you to be fast in the way you think and act. You will have to be fast in connecting the bulbs with the battery to have them light up. There are a number of connecting lines that you need to be first in identifying. The lines to connect to have a bulb light are indicated on the bulb. You will have to click between two bulbs to complete the connection. This is a free puzzle game that will keep your mind juggling. Many people have adapted this game as a way of keeping healthy.

The light IT 3 game has 25 playing levels that you will have to play. The kind of connection you do will be determined by the number of bulbs you are given. As you move to challenging levels, the number of bulbs will go high. If you want to earn good points, you need to be fast. Remember this is a timed game. You need to accumulate points very fast before the time runs out. The aim of the game is to help you brighten your day while having the dazzling fun.

In order to advance to the next level, you will have to light all the bulbs on the board. You need to click between two bulbs to complete the circuit. Once you hit the correct lines, the switch will be turned on and let the current from the battery flow. This may sound a bit easier, but actually you need to have playing skills. There are levels that will give more than two lines between each bulb. This will need you to be cautious to figure the way out. Each level will test your wits. There are countdown timers that will help you take your speed forward.