Lucky Drops

This is a game which puts the players’ multiplication skills to test. The game starts by the player choosing the family he or she wants to play. The families are from 1-12. The lower the number the simpler the calculation depending on the player while the vice versa is true. Using your mouse you select the level you want to play the game. There is a character in the game called lucky whom youre assigned to help get coins from crows using arrow and space bar keys. Youre instructed to jump over the crows to make sure that they give back the coins and then collect all the gold bags on each level before proceeding to the next level where you are tested your real multiplication skills. Using the mouse youre required to click the answers to the multiplication test given. The answers are obtained from quick and basic multiplication skills. This game is ideal for children or even adults trying to enhance their elementary multiplication skills. It tries to make you multiply the digits given off the head in a fast way in order to continue enjoying your game and accomplish your task of helping lucky get the coins.

The game is challenging though. Trying to collect the gold bags is not easy for beginners, but youre perfect with time as you continue playing the game. However, the main aim of the game is to test and improve your multiplication skills. The instructions of the play are convenient even for people who are not good with instructions. The graphics of the game are decent and goes well with a player. You only have to use your arrows keys on keyboard, mouse and follow instructions to test and improve your multiplication skills