Lucys Costume Closet

This is a game which tests the players’ simple multiplication skills and prowess. You are acting as an intern in the game whereby you are given a chance to correct yourself if you do a mistake. There are a number of assignments given to you as an intern. The real test is unlocking a lock with a password in order to get in and dress the characters who are supposed to act as a superhero in a completion dubbed “blastarrific”. The player is given several tests to unlock the padlock which is informed of a simple gadget with the numbers o to 9 and the ‘c’ sign which depicts deleting a wrong digit. The password is not just read somewhere; this is where the challenge of the game lies: calculating to arrive at an answer. If you are right, another test is put before you, a mathematical test until the door opens. Opening of the door depicts the success. It shows hat you have passed your assignment.

The rules of the game are that you should use your mouse to click the right answer from the digits o to 9. If you key in a wrong digit, there is still a room for correcting yourself. After all you are however an intern. This game can be played by children who want to enhance their mathematical prowess. If youre learning about the multiplication stuff, this game will test you, giving chances to correct yourself. It’s a friendly game, and the user graphics are good. The amount of tests you want to do depend on the choice of families you want to help. It gives you a choice. There is no element of time in this game; you just calculate your answer until you get right