Monkey Banana

This is an extremely interesting game available at the website. It tests your strategic and logical thinking. Where to place the monkey to get the banana is done logically and carefully since a wrong move will miss the banana. The monkey follows the line and takes turns at when possible. This means that there are areas where it can’t turn. The game has ten levels. A wrong move doesn’t bar you from the next move. The real tester of the game is the time and the score. The game has ten levels with a timer. The monkey moves within seconds and if correctly positioned will get the banana and increase the score.

The trick behind this game is to check turns carefully. There are arranged in a manner that the monkey takes the turn in the next branching between the vertical lines. The horizontal lines branches the perpendicular line in a very tricky game and this is where the challenge to the game lies, Interconnecting the lines to place the monkey strategically to get the banana.

This is a game which can be played by both children and adults. It cant be said to be time wasting since it tests the players ability to think logically in a short time. It is an interesting game and not hard on the player. It gives you the chance to continue even after a wrong move. However, the game is challenging and very tricky. Thinking logically first to interconnect the lines is not that easy. Inter connectivity of the lines increases with the levels making it even tougher to do it in the shortest time.

The instructions of the game are very simple. Just using the mouse, drag the monkey to the correct position to travel and get the banana