This is a game found in It’s a very tricky kind of game where you are supposed to get a cow to the bottle and fill it. You normally use the right and left arrow keys to drag the cow to the bottle. The mouse is used to unlock the next stage of the game. There are several obstacles which you are supposed to uses as the bridges to get the milk to be bottle. This is a simple logical game which requires you to follow instructions to get to the next stage.

This is a game which is very enjoyable, and it’s exciting. How you turn the obstacles like hay and yardstick as a bridge to the bottle is interesting. It’s a game which requires you to use your mind and connect to the prize. Keenness and simple logic get you to the next level. Each level is different and challenging from the other. A blunder doesn’t lock you out but gives you another chance to succeed.

The fact that a mistake doesn’t lock you out makes it an interesting game, especially for those who like quitting when they fail once or twice. This makes it a very friendly game and can be played by anyone. It’s not the type of game played in casinos.

The graphics are quite clear and all you need to do is follow instructions and use little creativity to bridge you between the cow and the bottle. The other aspect that makes it even simpler is the fact that you have nothing to control, calculate or remember. It’s a game which can be played by a nursery school kid. Users of this game describe it as an easy game with no major challenges only a simple logic.