This is an enjoyable game on It tests the players’ sensible thinking and creativity by requiring him or her to form a pattern using the hints given. The player logical thinking is called for to score high. The player is given a hint of the pattern of numbers should be followed to complete the pattern as required. The element of sequence is applied here. Grouping of the horizontal colors in system manner and matching them with vertical colors on their spaces provided to form a certain pattern is tested in this game.

There are three colored circles given, brown, red, blue and a blank circle. The circles should be fitted in the grid following the hint of the sequence given. They are placed in certain groups to form a pattern. You should try to think how to place the circles in desirable pattern to conform to the pattern given. Failure to follow the sequence given will mess the pattern and make you loss scores. However, following the sequence keenly will make everything follow on its place and earn your scores, This game can be played by both children and adults. It put into the test the ability to think logically by following certain sequence; it has an excellent graphic user interface making it appealing and irresistible. The big challenge lies in trying to fit the groups of colors systematically in a given space as required. One mistake will lead to either the vertical or horizontal sequence fitting and lose of score. There is the circle of a letter x crossed in it, which tells you that something is wrong with your logical interpretation of the sequence. The instruction of the game is for the player to click on the circles for the required color and put it on the sequence group by clicking again on where to place it,