Papas Freezeria

This game is found on the website It’s an amazing and enjoyable game to play. The simple logic behind it is following instructions. Games with instructions are normally very easy to play. The inventor tests your ability to use simple logic based on instruction to execute a certain task. It’s a cafeteria setting known as papas’ frezeria. The two main characters in this game is you and the customer. You are supposed to go and get what the customer wants. Master all the details and execute the order yourself by blending and mixing the components in the order.

The game tests your ability to receive and process information. Are you good with following instructions? Can you get the right proportions of what the customer wants? There are four stations in the cafeteria; build, order, mix and top station. This is an extremely good game for people who would like to test the accuracy of receiving and interpreting information.

After a customer places an order, drag it to the side hook to follow it carefully. Then you adjust the dispensing machine which dispenses a sundae. Each sundae will need a mixing item from the machines. There are the strawberries among other stuffs, which should be blended precisely. There is syrup need in the blend. Transfer the contents to the blender and watch until you get what looks like what has been ordered. Toppings should add at the station. The sweet part of the game is that you get tips if you deliver an excellent blend to the customer. There are no returns if you do a shoddy work. This motivates the blender to do an excellent job to earn the tips which make the job (play) more fun. Trying to deliver your best is the drive to the game. This is an excellent game.