Papas Pizzeria

It is a type of a logical game found on the website. It’s an interesting game whereby the user interface is adequately created capturing the players attention. This game cannot be said to be made for adults neither can it be for children. It is a game that anyone can play.

This game is similar to papas’ freezeria only that you are baking pizzas here. The instructions are very clear on the game. There is the order station where youre supposed to get an order from client, there is also the cutting station for the pizza, baking and topping station. You should blend the order as per the customers order. In baking area, time is important, in topping area, instructions should be observed. The time the pizza is should spend on the oven should be carefully observed. There are four stations; cutting, baking, order and topping station.

This game calls for your ability to listen and follow procedures. It’s a challenging game whereby your keenness and ability to deliver to customers’ specification is rewarded with Tips as it happens in our daily lives. When we go to a cafeteria, and we feel that the service offered to us is excellent, we reward the attendants. Poor work has no reward. What keeps the game interesting in the tips which motivate you (player) to do excellently. This game is good for people who want to test their ability to grasp information, follow the procedure in baking to leave a smile on the customers face.

The instructions of playing the game are very simple, just using the mouse to drag as per the instructions indicated by an arrow. It’s kind of a game which is very friendly and hard to deliver if you’re a person who can’t follow procedures and instructions.