Peg Solitaire

This is another interesting game found in is a very lively game which tests your ability to think first in a logical order not just randomly. The game starts with a tray of 31 pegs with only two spaces left without pegs. The trick behind it is making as moves as possible. Peg only moves by jumping an adjacent peg which should be done in a systematic and logical manner not just any how. The peg being jumped disappears. You should repeat that until only one peg is left. There is the element of time to test your speed in systematic and logical thinking. The game has an excellent graphic interface which makes it interesting. It can be played by anyone either adults or children.

It’s a very tricky game which calls on your ability to think fast in a logical way. Just jumping the peg over another peg will leave you with randomly placed pegs, which cannot jump over one another hence the end of your thinking. You should also do it swiftly for maximum points.

This is an easy game to play if you can think fast but relatively challenging. One single miscalculated jumping of peg and you can’t win the game. So carefulness while taking a move is highly called for. It’s a challenging game for people who like testing their ability to execute tasks in a fast and logical manner.

What makes the game more interesting is the time factor. Many people can do it after a long thinking, but how can you be smarter than everyone and do it in quite a short time? The instructions of playing the game are very simple and clear. Just use the mouse drag, jump a peg and land on the next empty shell.