Pixel Factory

The pixel factory game is a fun mind game that is aimed at boosting your memory and the way you think. It is an easy to play game that can be tricky if you don’t punch the playing skills. The game revolves around remembering a pixel image and repainting it. All you need is to wait for the computer to show you an image. This is something that will occur very fast depending on the playing level. In order to view the image again, you will use the X button on your computer. To change its color, you will press Z. these are the two keys that will help you in playing the game effectively.

The main controls are the mouse that will be used to aim and shoot, the X button to view the image and the Z button that will help change the color. The main aim of changing the pixel is to give you a clear view of the image. You can either go for bright colors or dark ones depending on your preference. If the image passes so fast without you seeing it, you are advised to use the X button to see it again.

The pixel factory game will train your brain to master the image and repaint it. By doing this, you will not only be keeping your mind healthy, but also improve on your memory. Once you punch the image, you can paint it using different colors. The Z button will be of great help when it comes to removing or adding color. Your creativity will be put into test. Another alternative you have is that of clicking the color button on your screen to change the colors. This is one of those easy games to play if only you have the right skills.