Stone Age Spear

Stone age game is a simple to play game that will involve removing spears fro stone age. You will have to do this in two sets. You will be required to combine two spears in regard to color. The mouse will be an important tool that will help you click and select the spear. In order to remove any set of two spears, you will be required to click those with the same color. The only way you can remove spears is by pairing the ones that look the same. Once you click on two that have the same color, they will be removed. The speed at which you do this will determine if you will get bonus points or not.

Stone Age spear game is a mind game that is readily available online. There are many sites that will allow you to play it for free. All you need is being keen when you are online. Many people have played this game online for free and have attested having got the best experience. When you are online to play this game, it is advisable to check on the reviews to know best sites of playing it. There are websites that may have malwares that may damage your machine.

Stone Age game is a great game that you can play in the evening after job. It comes with the best graphics that will give you good playing platform. Iced with great sound, this is a game that will give you relief after a long day at your place of work. The playing arena is perfect and can be played by kids and adults. Whether you are a teenager or adult, you will find this a great game to play. It has the best adventures and action that will set your mind wild.