The New One

This is a game found on It is easy to play since it uses images. Every click on the button brings you a list of images from which youre supposed to choose the one you have not clicked earlier. It tests your memory within a flash of a second; the inventor of the game tries to test whether you can remember images you have just seen a second ago. You should also be able to remember the positioning of the image, i.e. whether it was placed upside, downside, whether it faces east or west. It’s a simple but very tricky game. The choice of image increases as you go to the next level, keenness and memory are well tested. One single lapse of memory and you returned to level 1.

It goes up to fifteen levels. There are different images in every level, but the previous image is brought back to test whether you can remember the images you come across before.

Using your mouse click on the opening image, this unlocks other images which you have to choose and right click but only after you’ve made sure that was not the image you clicked lastly. Succeeding in the game requires clear memory and mastery of the images. This play doesn’t require you to be a magician but rather very keen.

Such type of a game is normally easy to play, but as you advance to the ensuing level, choosing which image, you have not clicked last becomes tougher. Usually, most players end up not differentiating which image you lastly saw and hence blocked from proceeding to the succeeding level. The most important thing to note here is that clicking a wrong image locks you out the next level. Playing the game repeatedly makes you even keener and sharper