Puzzle GAMES


Can You Piece it all Together?

Remember riddles? Those tiny pieces of puzzle that would keep us riveted around water coolers. Or take up message space on cellular phones. Or make us pass notes to each other in a classroom. Or make us get lost in thought in the middle of a crowded room. Puzzles and Riddles are a great way to keep the mind in shape and give it the occasional tune up it deserves. What's more, they make for great conversation starters too.

Brainant's line up of puzzles is designed to get the gray cells ticking. These are suitable for all ages and are not only challenging, they are pure fun. Puzzle games are a great platform to bring together interactivity, intelligence and innovation. You will find all this and more when you embark on this puzzlingly addictive world of puzzles.

Shoot down series of colored bubbles in bubble shooter. Solve Jigsaws in record time in Bakugan Julie puzzle. Line up bricks in a specific order without losing focus. Sharpen your physics skills with Bloxorz. Sharpen your Mind. Explore puzzle games now!