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Seek & You Shall Find!

Find what you are looking for through keen powers of observation and quick reflexes. But are you fast enough? Or as observant as you ought to be? Know where your strengths lie in this line up of simple challenges.

Brainant's comprehensive range of search games is aimed at improving your powers of observation as well as reflex times. These games are designed in a simple, fun & interactive way that will keep your attention span long. Search games have been well researched and are designed to sharpen the mind and give it just the workout it needs to stay alert.

Zap letters quickly as they zoom in, out and zoom away across your monitor in Zirch. Search for specific words among hordes of other similar ones in Word Zirch. Detect specific patterns in Patches. Search grids and perform specific tasks in grid Search. Start searching now, for superior sharpness of mind!