Typing GAMES


Learn to Type as a 6th Sense

The QWERTY keyboard has become an inescapable part of our lives. You can find it on desktops, laptops, mobile phones and tablet devices. With school classrooms becoming increasingly digitized and lessons getting more virtual, do you want your child to be left behind merely because they type slowly?

Enter typing games - Brainant’s solution to improve your typing skills in a fun, interactive and intelligent learning environment. Typing activities tend to be monotonous and repetitive, often causing a lot of reluctance in the learner to practice regularly. And best of all they don’t require any downloads, registration or installation. Typing games are a great way to learn typing in a colorful, creative & ceaseless environment.

Learn step by step typing with clearly illustrated typing positions in Kids Learn Type. Earn points by clicking the displayed letter on your keyboard before it falls to the bottom of the screen. Have some aqua fun in Spell Dikdurga by typing out the word shown in floating bubbles. Just go crazy and type away without using the backspace key in Typing Master. Type now. Reap later!